Wind Dangers

High winds are always a possibility in Southern California.  The potential for dangerous breakage of major limbs, trunks and fallen trees comes with the territory.  However in Oct. and Nov. trees can be at their fullest, heaviest and driest which makes them brittle.  Full canopied trees, even in light winds dissipate all their available moisture and some crack under their own weight.  Bad news for parked cars and kids in play areas.  Tree pruning done by licensed insured professionals can be a beautiful site as well as safe.  Tree trimming will preserve them for generations to come and enhance your property value.  Call us at 818-986-3426, 310-271-3271, or 323-873-1181.  We can help

And remember, here at Sherman Oaks Tree Service  “We’ll go out on a limb for you”

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