Trees, Pests, and Health Hazards

     Did you know that all sorts of undesirable ‘critters’ make their home in your unpruned trees and shrubs?  Mice, Rats, Possums, Termites and Spiders just love it when you don’t trim your trees.  You should also trim tall shrubs and bushes.  The dead undergrowth on trees and bushes makes a cozy nest for a critter that’s home shopping.  These critters are surprisingly comfortable on your roof, in your attic, inside the walls and even in your ventilation ducts.

     Much interaction with these pests can be avoided through routine tree maintenance.  We suggest you prune trees and trim shrubs back a few feet from your structure.  With this you effectively take away their stairway into your home.  Trim trees and prune shrubs that overhang your roof to eliminate this potential point of entry of these pests.  It is also wise to periodically trim dead growth from within your trees and shrubs.  This helps in keeping your trees healthy,  and creating a ‘less hospitable’ environment for pests.  Call us at 818-986-3426, 310-271-3271, 323-873-1181.  We can help

 And always remember, here at Sherman Oaks Tree Service …………………..

………………………..  “We’ll go out on a Limb for You”

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