Trees and Winterizing Your Home

     Did you know that a major way to prevent roof damage is clean rain gutters?  Over time the leaves that fall from your trees accumulate in your gutters and clog your downspouts causing rain water to pool on your roof.  Even a small amount of standing water can damage the integrity of an otherwise good roof.  When we do tree trimming on trees overhanging your roof, we will clean your gutters at no additional charge.

     We offer free estimates for all your tree service needs……… with over 30 years of tree maintenance experience our expertise in tree care is second to none.  We are the tree service professionals you can trust.  We are a fully licensed and insured tree serviceEmergency tree services available.  At Sherman Oaks Tree Service and Landscape Maintenance……………   “We’ll go out on a limb for you”!

Call us at 818-986-3426, 310-271-3271, 323-873-1181  We can help with all your Tree service needs.

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