Planning your tree and landscape installation

Maybe you have planted a tree for the shade it brings, or the privacy of a hedge along the property divide but one thing is for certain…….Mother Nature will deliver a gift that will be a part of your family for generations.  We at Sherman Oaks Tree Service think some careful planning is in order.  Here are some useful suggestions that will help you keep that long-term relationship with your trees and shrubs a healthy one.

Let’s start at the beginning.  We hope you have chosen a spot to plant your tree that will accommodate it’s size when mature.  One of the many things to be considered and perhaps one of the biggest factors overlooked when planting is that the root system of a mature tree will extend out to the ‘drip line’ (edge of the tree’s canopy).  Roots need room to grow and you need to plan long term because grow is what they do.  They have a mind of their own.  You should know where your water main is.   Also your sewer and gas lines.  How close is the tree to the pool? The driveway?  The block wall?  The foundation of your home as well as your neighbors home?  The reality here is that root damage causes 10 times more property damage than falling limbs.  Who knew to plan ahead for a root invasion?  As you drive through the streets of Los Angeles there are literally hundreds of miles of cracked curbs and sidewalks it is clear that not even our city planners were aware of what was to come.  Unfortunately for most of us, the ‘where to plant our tree issue’ was decided by someone else long ago.  We are left with the aftermath of bad judgement.  The issue we face today is that of ‘existing trees and the snowballing economic nightmare they represent.  You need to know what you can do about these roots before you find them encroaching your structures and utilities.  We can help 

And remember, here at Sherman Oaks Tree Service………………………

……………………”We’ll Go Out on a Limb for You”

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